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Keep-it-Kool A/C System Sealer
KEEP-IT-KOOL A/C Sealer The original professional formula
because you can‘t do a two can job with just one can.
Now there is a professional quality A/C system sealer that will repair multiple leaks in A/C systems quickly. The Keep-it-Kool™ A/C System Sealer is a two part formula that will repair leaks in evaporators, condensers, fittings, o-ring seals and gasket joints. Simply remove and recover all refrigerant (according to local requirements), pull vacuum, install Keep-it-kool™ A/C System Sealer and recharge. Once installed, the unique sealer formula will remain a liquid and circulate throughout the system within the oil. When it reaches a leak, the moisture generated at the leak will activate the sealer formula to form a permanent seal. The unused portion of the sealer formula remains a liquid and continues to circulate throughout the A/C system without restricting flow or effecting cooling. The Keep-it-Kool™ formula includes UV dye to easily expose large leaks that will require mechanical repair.
AR4220 Klimaanlagen Dichtmittel Set

Shown with AR4230 Adapter Hose Kit
(sold separately) Kit and price list for other packaged quantities

What is KEEP-IT-KOOL™ A/C System Sealer?
The sealer is a unique two part process that will quickly seal leaks in both metal and rubber parts. It also contains a UV dye that will expose large leaks that should be repaired mechanically.

How does it work?
The Sealer is a revolutionary new moisture cure formula that will form a permanent seal on a leak. Under normal operating conditions, It travels throughout the A/C system as a liquid. When a sealed and pressurized system leaks, there is a drop in pressure at the point of the leak. That drop in pressure causes condensation to form. That condensation causes the KEEP-IT-KOOL™ A/C System Sealer to form a patch.

Will KEEP-IT-KOOL™ Sealer seal all leaks?
Some leaks may be too large. Prior to installation, the a/c system should undergo a 5 minute vacuum test to qualify the system as a good candidate for sealing. (See installation instructions for test procedures) Large leaks that can not be sealed will be exposed because of the UV leak detection dye included in the formula.

3 piece adapter hose kit includes hose with control valve, union and low side quick coupler.
Using the AR-4230 Adapter hose kit, the Keep-it-Kool™ A/C System Sealer is installed quickly and easily without leaks.
The Keep-it-Kool™ A/C System Sealer is easily installed using the special adapter hose kit. Use the union to connect manifold gauges; remove the union to install the sealer. The AR4230 kit assures leak free installation of the sealer. Reuse the hose kit for all your sealer installations.
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