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Welcome to family of professional A/C Service Products
Welcome to Klimaprofi the Family of professional A/C Service Products. All of the products within our catalogue have been tested and proven and are backed by over a quarter century of hands on experience in the mobile air conditioning aftermarket. Our production methods strive to maintain the highest standards while we provide you the best selection of specialized A/C service products available today.

With a reputation for quality and reliability around the globe, we trust you will find the our line of professional A/C products a valuable addition to your business.

Extreme MagicNew

A/C leak stop additive with vitamins.

Sealant for refrigerators, split A/C systems and industrials A/C systems

  • it is mixable with all refrigerants
  • it seals smaller leaks of refrigerant at A/C systems
  • it reduces noticeable compressor noise
  • it is polymer free and not harming you’re a/C compressor

€ 109,95

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